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Cleany LEO curry - 3-lingual (DE, FR, NL), with soap

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With CLEANY, children’s hands become clean in a playful way….
Together with the Cleany hand washing song video, washing hands several times a day becomes a long-awaited daily highlight.
Almost as if by magic, children are made conscious of the importance of good hand hygiene.
Each Cleany set includes a stamp with built-in ink pad with dermatologically tested Cleany stamp ink and the original Cleany scented soap.

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Cleany LEO curry - 3-lingual (DE, FR, NL), with soap
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Be a little hero and protect yourself, your family and friends from some nasty viruses. In many cases, these are transmitted through skin contact and can make people sick. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water is therefore very important. The cute stamp on your hand reminds you to clean your hands several times a day. Each Cleany set contains a stamp with a built-in ink pad with Cleany stamp ink, the original Cleany footprint and a fragrant Cleany aromatic soap.